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  • 2017 Jan
    Established Pungkook Myanmar in Myanmar
    Established Pungkook Mytho in Vietnam
  • 2016 Oct
    Established PT. Pungkook Grobogan in Indonesia
  • 2015 Feb
    Established Pungkook Longan in Vietnam
  • 2013 Nov
    Acquired Best Taxpayer Award by National Tax office
  • 2012 Sep
    Established PT. Pungkook Subang in Indonesia
  • 2010 May
    Established Pungkook Bentre in Vietnam
  • 2006 Oct
    Established Pungkook saigon III in Vietnam
  • 2005 Sep
    Relocated Headquater to Sangdaewon-dong,
    Seongnam-City, Korea
  • 2004 Jan
    Established Joon Saigon in Vietnam
  • 2001 Jul
    Established Poogkook Saigon II in Vietnam
  • 1996 June
    Relocated Headquarter to Seongnam-City, Korea
  • 1993 Jul
    Established Pungkook Saigon in Vietnam
  • 1992 Apr
    Reconizes as a World-class
    commercialization company by KOTRA
    1992 Jan
    Established Pungkook Pullam in Vietnam
  • 1988 Apr
    Re-operation 2nd Factory in Seoul
    1988 Nov
    Established Pungkook Mexico
  • 1987 Apr
    Acquired award National Best
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Export-Day
  • 1977 Oct
    Relocated Headquarter to Daesung Building, Seoul
  • 1972 Apr
    Acquired land and relacated factory
    to Seongnam-City
  • 1966 Oct
    Established Pungkook CoporationCo., Ltd